Q: What are they?

A: Micro Filler is a revolutionary cosmetic injectable treatment that smooths and hydrates the skin from the inside out ,giving you back that youthful glow. They improve hydration and skin quality. They are non-surgical cosmetic injectable treatments. A Micro Filler is like dermal filler in that they contain hyaluronic acid .

Q: Where can you get these injections ?

A: They can be injected into the skin of face, neck, hands, stomach, décolletage and more

Q: How long do they last ?

A: For optimal results, an initial therapy involving 3 treatments once every 4 weeks is recommended. After the end of the first cycle, some clients need maintenance treatment every 6 months, but over time the treatments become less frequent.

Q: Cost of treatment ?

A: One syringe costs Rs. 30,000

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