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Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation:

It includes laser treatment without introduction of instruments (non-invasive). The laser treatment for Skin rejuvenation improves natural collagen growth and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Renovate the skin damage due to contact with sunlight. Takeaway the dark lesions and sun spots Laser Treatment: Use of specialized Laser beams in cosmetic care depending on the intensity of a person’s following body parts:

Hair Removal:

It is commonly called as Laser Hair Removal. In this process the laser beam target the follicles of hair to reduce hair growth.

Beard Shaping:

Beard makes you look legend. We shape with our latest tools and shaping technology your beard with suitable style, which makes you looking good. After the shape, you just need to trim whenever you want by touching up eye-catchy area such as sideburn, neckline and cheeks.

Skin Tightening/Wrinkle Treatment:

We offer 6 New Skin Tightening Treatments which clinically proved and have seen results who went with treatment in our clinic

New Skin Tightening Treatments That Really Works:
  • Radiofrequency energy heats the collagen helps to contract and generate collagen, which you need. Collagen is a healthy building blocks (Radiofrequency for neck and jowls)
  • Micro needling with other technologies: Treatment to reduce the acne scars and stretch marks treatment may help those looking to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks
  • Radiofrequency (RF) is a treatment without damaging the superficial layer. It helps to heat dermis and tighten the skin
  • Ultrasound skin tightening: We facilitate the FDA approved ultrasound therapy for tightening your skin
  • Surgical Skin Tightening: It is a technique to tighten the loose skin by heat up the tissue of skin beneath
  • Spillover Skin Tightening: Specifically tighten the chin area by take away the unwanted fat

Breast Reduction with Laser Technology:

Mammoplasty is a technique for reduction of excess fat and glandular tissues in the breast area. The treatment is mean to make your body proportionate to your breast size.

Acne Scars:

In this treatment, we first try to reduce excessive sebum (Oil) of skin to prevent the existence of acne-causing bacteria on skin. When we trying to reduce the oil on skin, we take proper measures not to happen skin clogged due to dead skin. Our experts treat you with carefully by following suitable measures. A blend of treatment along with laser treatment gives maximum results in this treatment. We use laser where the scar exists in depth of the skin

Open Pores:

Pores causes clogged with dirt, oil, bacteria caused tenderness. So we provide, a treatment along with precautions to follow to get rid of open pores in short time.


First, our dermatologist will understand your skin by taking your restorative history and what kind of skin in order to provide relevant treatment for your skin pigmentation.

Anti Aging:

Your skin will be adequately determined about your skin to provide treatment for your each part to make you feel good at your profession.

Skin Lightening/Toning:

We will remove your dead skin and treat you growing glow skin. Skin cannot captivate with topical products. Use exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin.


A treatment for thigh and buttocks to get rid of fatty deposit causing a dimpled appearance

Crow’s feet:

A treatment for a branching wrinkle or formed lines diverging at a point of the corner of an eye region. It is like a birds footprint.

Double Chin:

We treat you without invasive procedures. Mesotherapy is a treatment for dissolving fat by administering the injections

Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks generally develop on skin when skin stretched for a cause. It is more in women during Pregnancy. These stretch marks appear long, narrow streaks or lines.

Tattoo Removal:

Skin absorbed by the tattoo ink tapped in the lower dermis when the light energy penetrated into skin. The treatment will take a few weeks for complete removal of tattoo ink from the skin.

Under Eye Dark Circles:

Normally happens because of fatigue, sleeplessness/oversleeping, and lack of fluid under eyes cause eye dark circles.

Moles and Warts Removal:

We treat your moles with effective ways. We prescribe mole removal cream to get the best results out of it.

Sun Tanning:

Skin color darkened due to exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) or sun.

Skin Whitening:

It is a treatment by using Skin whitening, also known as skin lightening and skin bleaching, refer to the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten the skin or provide an even skin color by reducing the melanin concentration in the skin. … In India over half of skin care products are sold to whiten skin.

Hair Loss Treatment:

The first beauty outlook of man and woman is “Hair”. Hair loss can be replaced unless you take remedy in the initial stage. People feel distress and worry due to hair loss. Hair fall or receding of hair brings down not only glamour but also confidence in us. As per the research, hair loss due to hereditary, distress, irregular dies and hormonal imbalance. Sometimes hair exposure to the polluted environment causes hair loss. Contacting with experienced and specialized Trichologist examine the reason of fall of hair and gives treatment to the root cause.

We at Sandhya Reddy Laser & Cosmetic Center Trichologist determine the cause for hair fall and provide the best treatment for restoring of your fresh air and decrease falling hair.

Slimming & Weight Management Weight loss can be treatment with many procedures.

It has been upgrading with new technology year by year. But in recent studies “Liposuction” is one of the best-approved techniques to treat people suffering with excessive weight. This treatment is safe and chances of side effects low. Millions of patients benefiting through this latest approved treatment. The technique works by removing the isolated and unwanted fat in our body. It is sometimes treated in combination of plastic surgery procedures. These procedures are abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery), liposuction and breast augmentation. Visit our clinic for best weight management solutions, body rejuvenation and contour.

Inch Loss with Hot Sculpting

Advantages of Hot Sculpting: Reduces unwanted body fat, appearance of loose and sagging skin. No incisions. No surgery Having a proper diet and exercise are the main components to keep a healthy life. The stubborn fat in our body will not get rid through any kind of traditional attempts. We have good posture. Your body looks good. You’re perfectly alright. But there are few areas of your body can be improved for better look.

We won’t offer any surgery is a solution for you. Hot sculpting is a procedure where you can treat with it harmless. This solution doesn’t require surgery and it’s not invasive like other procedures. Our Laser and Skin care technicians will treat you well.

What Is Hot Sculpting™?

It is a non-surgical treatment to avoid stubborn fat and sagging skin. Your will see a change of new appearance.

Micro Needling with RF

Commonly known as collagen induction therapy. This treatment used to rejuvenate your skin. Most familiar non-invasive treatment using laser houses for decades. Rejuvenation of skin through the RF energy that delivered via small needles.

Benefits of RF Microneedling
  • Rejuvenation/Skin tightening/Scar reduction
  • RF Microneedling is a combination of elements of radiofrequency energy and traditional micro-needling procedure. The RF fine needles create very small narrow punctures on the top layer (Dermis) of your skin. Through this needling the RF stimulated your body to pump a fresh collagen for skin rejuvenation. Your will see improved skin resurfacing, texture and firmness.

RF Treatment is for reducing fine lines and loose skin/Reduction of fat

It is widely used in cosmetic and laser treatments. It is an aesthetic technique. Radio-frequency (RF) skin uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat tissue of the body and galvanize sub dermal collagen production. This improvement will help to reduce fine lines and loose skin. RF treatment can also be used for reduction of fat and body contouring.

Photo Facial

It is a latest facial and advancement skin enhancement procedure. It is also called Photo rejuvenation. This treatment helps reduce effect of UV damage skin, age spots, freckles and broken capillaries or red blemishes. Protects from UV light, which damage our skin. The treatment Laser Toning is a familiar skin enhancement procedure.
How it works? Through this treatment skin rejuvenates through the stimulation of collagen, so you will be looking young and fresh.

Fine wrinkles will go away. So, we recommend you through this non-invasive aesthetic procedure for your damaged skin.

Pre Wedding Treatment

Pre-wedding Beauty Treatments To Enhance Your Splendid Look During Your Wedding

We all know that the most unforgettable moment in our life is our wedding day. We all want our appearance much beautiful on the auspicious day. We were dreaming for the movement even for days not surprise months. Projecting exceptionally decent look is the ultimate art of beauty clinics.

You will receive many suggestions and home made tips to enhance your glamour look. Every one shares with your. Sometimes you may feel confused state what to follow. It any attempt goes wrong, your dream come failure.

This Treatment includes facial, teeth whitening, body polishing & keratin smoothening.

We advise you don’t go for pre attempt unknowingly. Sometimes leads to allergy and rashes. Which results face glamour mismatch with trousseau and your appearance will become dull.


It is one of the popular treatments that can transform your complexion, enhances radiance, fresh and young-looking skin. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment. The treatment helps to deal with different skin issues such as enlarged pores, acne scars, fine lines and uneven pigmentation etc. The treatment for 30 years effectively working.

It works by using special medical grade polished crystals. The crystals helps to speed up the process of producing skin cells and elastin which stimulate your skin naturally appear and more youthful.

In our clinic our expert physicians are achieving best results by using the highest quality Microdermabrasion machines that are in the market.

PRP For Face

Blood contains platelets and growth factors. These components are essential for tissue healing and repair. The growth factors helps to stimulate collagen and reduces the signs of aging and skin damage. The PRP treatment used these elements to rejuvenate skin and gives a natural boost to your skin.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Plasma is a liquid which helps made of blood. Plasma has red cells, white cells and platelets. The protein present in platelets helps to repair the body effectively and stimulates collagen production, which helps. To give a beautiful structure to your body.

PRP treatment is a popular choice for rejuvenation and to combat the signs of skin aging complications.

Mesotherapy We recommend Mesotherapy alternated with PRP sessions to receive better results.

  • DHT (dihydrotestosterone) neutralised (Excess),
  • Stimulation of your blood circulation
  • Let grow your hair follicle

Superficial microinjections used in this treatment to target tissues to be treated. It is a non-invasive technique.

Range of minerals in solution injected to tissues. The injection contains, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and coenzymes. Solution injections administered based on the patient need requirement. Treatment is painless and safe. Dressing and local anesthesia required. Immediate after treatment you can leave the clinic and blend in your daily work. No rest or precautions we prescribed.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels improves Acne or Acne Scars, Sun tanning, Skin Pigmentation, Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Named as non-invasive treatment improves skin lightening especially your face. This treatment widely using for smoothen and enhance the skin texture. Applied neck, back, hands and chest to improve shine. Initially solution applied on the face later exfoliates the old skin. This results, regeneration of new skin and looks good without wrinkles

Bridal Skin Care

Under the things are essential to follow before wedding to project yourself best outlook

  • Eat healthy food, do workouts everyday and take care through our guidelines.
  • Treat with regular clean and facials for better results on wedding day
  • To reduce acne and scars
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • HydraFacial TM which for revolutionizing the age-old process
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce unwanted hair without pain
  • Shape your thinning eyebrows

Without surgery tighten your face, neck, to sculpt your body
Give importance to your chin and receive tests to know your look
Mesotherapy and skin world stem cells facial to improve glow of your skin

Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation

To tighten the vagina, Vaginoplasty (also known as posterior colporrhaphy) is a procedure used in laser and cosmetic clinics. It is designed to tighten the vagina as it like when a teenager. Vaginal tightening happens through heating tissues with non-invasive radiofrequency waves. Prefer experienced expert Doctors to see better results. When the age of women increasing, the vagina skin loses its smoothness and vitality due to collagen (Skin) fibers accumulated. That means fatigued. Non-surgical vaginal tightening increases the vitality of vigina and restores its softness, elasticity. Vaginal issues due to the number reasons such as aging, smoking, obesity, childbirth surgery and Hysterectomy.

These events replace the skin’s natural collagen with fibers that do not recoil or stretch properly. Vaginal tightening with Femi lift is a cosmetic procedure that restores the appearance and function of the vaginal area.

Vampire Face Lift

The Vampire Facelift is a procedure without surgery to enhance your health, youthfulness, and rejuvenated skin. Healing and regeneration of your body plays a vital role by using its own natural healing and growth factors in this procedure. You will see the benefit of skin rejuvenation after you went with procedure. Painless series of injections into target areas will be given to reduce wrinkles and increase your quality of skin

Uses of Vampire facelift
  • Increases the blood flow for flawless skin
  • Proliferate new cell formation.
  • Decrease facial aging with production of new collagen
Age Spots

Age spots (Solar lentigines, liver spots) are harmless. But to improvise the look of the face people wish to go for cosmetic treatment. It appears when your skin exposed to the sun for a long time. They are harmless, but some people wish to remove them for cosmetic reasons. The marks are darker on skin it can be brown, black colour. These freckles have no connection to any other part in the body.

Note: The investigation may lead to side effects. Therefore, patients who wish to receive impressive results of treatment are advised to consult a “Board-certified and domain expertise medical practitioners” for safe treatment and to minimize serious side effects. Your end result depends on the skill of the practitioner performing the laser treatment. Treatment results varied to a person to person.

Our Specialised Treatments

At Sandhya Reddy, we treat patients from India, US, UK, Australia, Africa, & many other countries.

Cosmetic Laser Treatments

It includes laser treatment without introduction of instruments (non-invasive).


Aesthetics is come from nature and it was more interdisciplinary than philosophy.

Other Specialities

Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) is a surgery changes the appearance, improving…

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