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“Feel the difference from your first treatment” Is a motto of Sandhya Reddy Laser & Cosmetic Center presenting comprehensive solutions for your skin, hair & cosmetic laser’s under one roof. Offers “the best” client care through the medical, aesthetic approach for who wish to acquire the best treatment that ever received.

As we know, we have unequal shapes and color among, and our skin exposed to different climatic changes in different seasons. Recognizing these transformational changes in human body, we intend to give customized treatment according to the skin condition of our customers. To achieve our patient satisfaction and their happiness, we wish to follow personalized and conceptualized treatment solutions for our loved customers.

Looks beautiful are everyone’s desire and the beauty comes by birth. In fact, our God made us beautifully by shaping us with best outlook. To add more taste to the recipe, if we can add few more glimpses, then you become an icon of “Center of attraction“.

The most popular & top-notch celebrities of Tollywood, Business Personalities and Page 3 people are some of the clients of Mrs. Sandhya Reddy. Because, she believes, customer satisfaction is more important than commercial. Our expectations are to make you feel happy by giving the best solutions for all your clinical concerns.

Mrs. Sandhya Reddy considers that the quality of service lies with happiness. She would say, take home the best client care with the right choice for your all skin, hair & cosmetic laser solutions. Her dedication and passion for work brought more than 10 years of appreciated experience in the world of Cosmetic Laser Treatment.

Ours Center at Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad with good clinical traits and “client connected” services with specialized Doctors, Consultants, and Aesthetic Therapist. We give less preference to the package (combo) treatments, which will not bring solutions and satisfaction.

The treatment available in the clinic definitely helps you to receive best results. What we follow the procedures were clinically and scientifically approved. Follow the latest procedures and updated to the upcoming technology is our strength; Hence, our clinic has been running successfully for a decade.

Our Expertise Includes

Our specialized team is here for your every skin need

Our Specialised Treatments

At Sandhya Reddy, we treat patients from India, US, UK, Australia, Africa, & many other countries.

Cosmetic Laser Treatments

It includes laser treatment without introduction of instruments (non-invasive).


Aesthetics is come from nature and it was more interdisciplinary than philosophy.

Other Specialities

Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) is a surgery changes the appearance, improving…

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