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“Feel the difference from your first treatment” Is a motto of Sandhya Reddy Laser & Cosmetic Center presenting comprehensive solutions for your skin, hair & cosmetic laser’s under one roof. Offers “the best” client care through the medical, aesthetic approach for who wish to acquire the best treatment that ever received.

As we know, we have unequal shapes and color among, and our skin exposed to different climatic changes in different seasons. Recognizing these transformational changes in human body, we intend to give customized treatment according to the skin condition of our customers. To achieve our patient satisfaction and their happiness, we wish to follow personalized and conceptualized treatment solutions for our loved customers.

Looks beautiful are everyone’s desire and the beauty comes by birth. In fact, our God made us beautifully by shaping us with best outlook. To add more taste to the recipe, if we can add few more glimpses, then you become an icon of “Center of attraction“.

The most popular & top-notch celebrities of Tollywood, Business Personalities and Page 3 people are some of the clients of Mrs. Sandhya Reddy. Because, she believes, customer satisfaction is more important than commercial. Our expectations are to make you feel happy by giving the best solutions for all your Cosmetic concerns.

Mrs. Sandhya Reddy considers that the quality of service lies with happiness. She would say, take home the best client care with the right choice for your all skin, hair & cosmetic laser solutions. Her dedication and passion for work brought more than 10 years of appreciated experience in the world of cosmetic Laser Treatment.

Ours Center at Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad with good clinical traits and “client connected” services with specialized Doctors, Consultants, and Aesthetic Therapist. We give less preference to the package (combo) treatments, which will not bring solutions and satisfaction.
The treatment available in the Center definitely helps you to receive best results. What we follow the procedures were clinically and scientifically approved. Follow the latest procedures and updated to the upcoming technology is our strength; Hence, our Center has been running successfully from past 6 years.

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Your friendly doctors are waiting with solutions

Dr Shilpa Reddy Gill has completed her Master of Doctor (MD) degree from the department of Dermatology & Cosmetology from the premier college. As part of studies, she has done many experiments and research on Skin and Hair. And worked on how to exterminate the issues causing effect various skin regions. After studies, she has attended many training programs related to dermatology, cosmetology, aesthetics and hair transplantation. She has vast experience in dealing with disorders relating to the skin and hair.

She has a history of dealing many complicated cases and gained tremendous improvement of recovery over the skin ailments. Her treasure of knowledge and interest is to attempt Acne, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Hair Fall and Cosmetology disorders. Understanding the patient’s condition and assessing the time of treatment last for the cause is the art of Dr Shilpa Reddy.

The most unique quality of Dr. Shilpa Reddy Gill is, understanding about the latest procedures such as lasers, botulinum and fillers. She is a specialized doctor in laser treatments across India.

In addition, as a consulting Dermatologist she has attended a number of workshops as well as conferences as a guest lecture addressing upcoming cosmeticians. And, she organized many awareness programs, public speech about cosmetology and dermatology. With all these experiences, she equipped sound knowledge on laser and cosmetic treatment and capable in delivering a suitable treatment with innovative techniques. Addressed to the various people medical solutions through print, electronic media.

Dr.Fatima Ummul Hasnaath (MBBS, DDVL) is a well-known Skin specialists as well as Cosmetologist, Trichologist, Dermatosurgeon and Cosmetologist. She is familiar in understanding the importance of treating skin related disorders. She is a leading Cosmetologist and expertise in treating a wide range of skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, skin cancer, mesotherapy, radiocautery, mole removal, fractional laser, scarring and pigmentation. She is familiar in administering the anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatment. Dr Fatima wishes to keep updating with new technologies to apply to her clients to see expected results in short term period.

She named as one of the best Dermatologist in Hyderabad. She has a well diagnostic skills and administering the treatment timely. She treats every patient as special and takes care for early recovery from the skin ailment. Her talent is administering quick treatment and early solutions. She is capable of dealing with all types of skin issues. She has a good track record of handling difficult patients with critical skin issues. She says patient going back with satisfaction is my motto.

Dr Fatima is expertise in giving quick solution on fall treatment disorders. Moreover, she has experienced in treating venereal infection, ear lobe repair and ear piercing etc.

Why Choose Us

  • US FDA Approved Equipments & Procedures
  • Personalised Care
  • State of the art Technology
  • Certified & Experienced Dermatologists
  • Expertise Aesthetic Team
  • Professional Consultants on Appointment
  • Treatment on the same day
  • Tests and monitoring services


  • By Mrs. Gowri Reddy

    I am happy very with Sandhya Reddy Laser & Cosmetic Center, however when I had entered in clinic, the staff treated me as their friend. Doctors noted down my health issue to diagnose. Surprisingly, Doctors words are match with what I think in my mind about the cause of problem rose in my body. I have satisfied a lot for their intensive care and diagnosis. Now I am experiencing a drastic improvement to the diagnosis had in this clinic.

  • By Mrs. Ranjan

    I have ever seen Doctor like Dr. Shilpa Reddy Gill at Sandhya Reddy Laser & Cosmetic Center. Because she was so kind and patient. She wished me before I wish the doctor in her chamber. The confidence and courage built by her in me is awesome. Like me people, this kind of treatment is best for quick relief than just trying to treat with allopathic medicines.

  • By Mrs. Achyutha

    Wow! I have turned to many hospitals for a couple of months. Tried with many cosmetic ointments for my suffering with severe acne. But just in a few visiting sessions, Dr. Fatima at Sandhya Reddy Laser & Cosmetic Center gave a solution for acne. Great improvement. Thank you…I refer to my friends seek solutions for acne disorders…

  • By Mrs. Swetha Reddy

    Elders say acne happens during younger age to symbioses teenage. But regretfully after my marriage also acne make me unable to show my face to anybody. My friends gave me many homemade tips. But all are vain. On the advice of my niece, I have visited your clinic and received worth results. Now I am happy and look good.

  • By Mr. Vishnu

    When we go to clinics we afraid of diagnosis. We felt doubt whether the treatment works aren’t. Patients are often worried about Doctors behaviors that some doctors diagnosis medically and some doctor’s treats mentally. This second way of treatment I have got at the “Sandhya Reddy Laser & Cosmetic Center”…Nice.

    Thank you so much…Wish you to open many more branches to expand your services to more people…